• POTD #198

    The elusive self-control. What is the answer?

  • POTD #197

    This is an odd request. Would be an interesting dataset though!

  • POTD #196

    Everyone is asking for this right now.

  • POTD #194

    Long distance travel is annoying in a way that you can feel very unproductive. Making use of that wasted time would be great!

  • POTD #192

    All reward “cards” in a single app would be useful!

  • POTD #191

    I’ve always been interested to see player perspectives at that level of sports. Or even a camera mounted inside the sports ball (cricket ball, rugby ball,…

  • POTD #190

    So it’s pretty much the stadium experience. Pretty neat!

  • POTD #189

    Bill aggregation service? Direct debit is probably the easiest though? Do some people not like direct debit?

  • POTD #188

    I would do this too! Gyms could offer this easily by providing a rebate on the subscription for every time someone attends!

  • POTD #186

    I have no doubt this would be a game-changer!

  • POTD #185

    Band-aids of the future!