• POTD #224

    The thought of seeing people line up for a “human wash” is hilarious. But I need this too.

  • POTD #223

    Just have that health and safety barrier to get over and then it’s possible…

  • POTD #222

    Bring on the no-plastic revolution! With glitter please!

  • POTD #221

    Forget dog walking, bring on dog-driving.

  • POTD #218

    It is mildly infuriating to say the least when you struggle with that rolling sausage syndrome!

  • POTD #216

    The modern version of cutting the head off your ex from all your photos! I love it!

  • POTD #215

    Not just for artists, I’m sure gamers could use this too!

  • POTD #213

    Indoor walking park sounds amazing, I would go there just to watch all the happy dogs!

  • POTD #212

    I wonder how this would look? 😅

  • POTD #211

    This would make for an incredible calendar plugin too!

  • POTD #210

    Hands free umbrella would be very useful! Especially for cycling!