• POTD #142

    Orrrrr… a restaurant just for dogs! 🐶🐶🐶

  • POTD #141

    See yesterdays post. Apply it here too! 😁

  • POTD #140

    Yet another sound/noise related problem. It seems getting rid of noises is amongst the top most wanted solutions to problems!

  • POTD #139

    A phone cover with an inbuilt breathalyser that has an app that blocks use until a breath test is complete? Kinda extreme but maybe there is…

  • POTD #136

    Another problem regarding glasses. There is a lot of room for improvement it seems for something in such common use!

  • POTD #135

    Solving issues of privacy and data protection is a great business to create!

  • POTD #134

    Anyone else experienced this problem? Might want to do some validation on this one first before creating the solution 😅

  • POTD #133

    I don’t wear glasses but I can imagine the annoyance this creates!

  • POTD #132

    Different coloured foods depending on allergies is a VERY interesting concept!

  • POTD #131

    I face this problem too! Google is not a great solution and I HATE looking through different menus!

  • POTD #130

    Seeing if somewhere is busy or not is a common occurrence on this blog! (Original tweet deleted by user)

  • POTD #129

    I would 100% be a customer of this product!