• POTD #19

    Sounds like an interesting challenge! Any ideas?

  • POTD #18

    If no one solves your problem, there is another solution… move to Amsterdam, it’s all flat here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • POST #17

    No one wants bad karma! Of course, I’m also sure this problem extends past just apple pay!

  • POTD #16

    How would you tackle this? Manual input of ingredients or some kind of visual recognition for ingredients?

  • POTD #15

    It’s always great talking with people who share the same interests as you! I feel this app would be a perfect fit for airlines to seat…

  • POTD #14

    The more the merrier! How would you solve this one without breaching any privacy laws?! Comment with your solution!

  • POTD #13

    Always good to have an excuse handy if you need one!

  • POTD #12

    Any visual recognition and NLP experts out there want to tackle this one? Would be useful for renaming all default camera files to something more relevant!

  • POTD #11

    Uber for cleaning service? Hmm, yep I could get behind that!

  • POTD #10

    Save a caterpillar today by solving this problem!