• POTD #173

    This is probably a niche product nowadays… how many people still use paper? 😋

  • POTD #172

    I would be surprised if this doesn’t already exist! But a great problem to solve.

  • POTD #171

    Again Machine learning would excel at this. Here is an interesting video about this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyzn3Fmtw-E

  • POTD #170

    YES! I HATE being put on hold and waiting! This is only fair.

  • POTD #168

    I wonder how machine learning could be used to assist in this?

  • POTD #167

    I really love this! I so often save articles to read for later but then forget. Also, printed > online!

  • POTD #166

    Machine learning would excel at this type of classification.

  • POTD #165

    Over 1.3k likes and 400+ retweets suggests a lot of people agree or relate to this. Demand is there.

  • POTD #164

    I think this may have been mentioned before on POTD. But I honestly see this request so often I thought it best to mention it again!

  • POTD #163

    Would help the ice cream truck driver plan a route better too if he/she knew where the most demand was.

  • POTD #162

    Only positive, happy news! 🦄

  • POTD #160

    Now take it a step further by having an IoT enabled gas tank that analyzes prices and tells you when you’re near to empty, where the…