• POTD #290

    Every parent’s dream is a big claim! If you can validate that you have a great business opportunity!

  • POTD #286

    There are devices that visually signal to you of the presence of an emergency vehicle. Deaf people have them installed in their cars.

  • POTD #285

    This would be a super useful service! How much would you pay for something like that?

  • POTD #284

    Why is it always the upstairs neighbors? Sign me up to live in a quiet complex!

  • POTD #283

    This is very needed!

  • POTD #282

    This is an interesting concept. Perhaps an app with the digital version of the book that tells you which page and line it is on?

  • POTD #281

    Didn’t realize sourdough bread was in such high demand! 🙂

  • POTD #280

    I remember having velcro shoes as a kid for this reason. We need version 2.0 now!

  • POTD #279

    The question is… does the cat like it because of the smell? Probably, cats are assholes.

  • POTD #278

    What about a service that you send your clothes to and they get dyed again?

  • POTD #277

    This has got to be on of the easier things to make an app for surely? Someone do it!

  • POTD #276

    I can really see a great user case for this in the professional workplace too.