• POTD #729

    Unique use case… but if enough people experience this… it’s called a business 🙂

  • POTD #727

    This is a unique addition to the quiet / silence list!

  • POTD #725

    Didn’t realise this is a problem? There is money in fixing other companies bugs if done well…

  • POTD #724

    This is interesting… Not sure how many people would be in to this though but worth exploring.

  • POTD #723

    This whole crsis is going to produce much better-designed face masks. I’m sure of it. Too late though most likely.

  • POTD #722

    Smart washing machine. There is an app for everything, why not this I guess.

  • POTD #721

    Like a clip on tie but collar? Funny and potentially useful

  • POTD #720

    I can think of a good place for this… 😀

  • POTD #719

    This exists for emojis right? Why not gifs too!

  • POTD #718

    Interesting concept… I can see a problem with contamination or transport though…

  • POTD #717

    Button smashing wouldn’t be as fun! But the GF would be a lot happier for sure!

  • POTD #716

    I’m sure this is probably useful but I’m grossed out by the idea of it.

  • POTD #715

    I eat too fast for this problem, but that causes other problems! 😛

  • POTD #713

    The fake DOF just doesn’t cut it! I agree!

  • POTD #712

    This is soooo good! I want this!